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Emily Jams

Let us not forget about these great moments, both on stage, in studio and casual rehearsals of Emily with notable friends and colleagues.

Emily and Ted Greene

Music is a courtesy from the archives of the venerable composer, musician and sound engineer, Sunny Paul with more to come. Send some love Sunny's way for making these newest discoveries possible. Visit him at his Facebook   or   SoundCloud pages.

It's such a treat to hear Emily laugh out loud from the energy and enthusiasm for the music.
Remastered versions provided by Norbert. Our appreciation to him for cleaning things up and making them right. Visit him at The Jazz Page.

  •     Cisco - Remastered
  •     Cisco Part 1 orig
  •     Cisco Part 2 orig
  •     'S Wonderful Remastered
  •     ' S Wonderful orig
  •     Whistle While You Work Remastered
  •     Whistle While You Work Part 1 orig
  •     Whistle While You Work Part 2 orig

Emily and Sunny Paul

More jams of Emily and Sunny rehearsing standard jazz material back in the day. SunnyPaul

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Emily and Frank Gibson

Frank Gibson shares a song recorded with Emily that was released on ParalleL 37 from Smoke Records

"It was my great pleasure to play with Emily . In the last concert together we had many special moments. The most lasting was having the feeling of taking the music that night to a special place where it became something greater than ourselves. I treasure my memories of her and our music and I am more than happy to share the music we made together." ~ Frank

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Emily and David Friedman

Enjoy this currently unnamed jazz performance with the David Friedman Quintet, live from the Berlin JazzFestival, 1981.david_friedman

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This recording appears with permission of vibraphonist, composer and educator David Friedman.
Visit him at

Emily Live at Berklee School of Music

Emily appears with fellow Berklee alumni, John Abercrombie, Dave Clark and Marcello Pellitteri and an introduction by John Scofield.

YouTube Preview Image

More to come as they are discovered. If you have some Emily material or jams to share or know of someone who does,
please contact us and share them for the world to hear.

Historic Emily Performance Emerges From Worcester Jazz Festival

The New England Jazz Society has put together an incredible and growing online library of notable jazz concerts and related material from their archives which includes an extraordinary recording of Emily from 1985 featuring some of her most intimate solo playing ever captured on audio. Visit this Link and agree to the terms of listening to revel in familiar and first ever songs alike. The set list is not provided so refer to the index below for Track details.

Track 1    Folk Song ~ Trinity Track 2    Afro Blue ~ E Samba ~ Manha De Carnaval ~ How Insensitive Track 3    Mocha Spice ~ Pedals ~ Moanin Track 4    A Blues Track 5    Fried Pies (guitar/bass duo) Track 6    A Taste Of Honey ~ Eleanor Rigby ~ D Natural Blues Track 7    Watch What Happens (guitar/bass duo) Track 8    Polka Dots and Moonbeams ~ Cisco Track 9    Autumn Leaves (duo with Jane Miller) Track 10  Blue Bossa (duo with Jane Miller) Track 11  Summertime

The Jazz Network ~ A new place for everything jazz

The Jazz Network is a hip site for all facets of the jazz world. Whether you are a musician, promoter, historian, artisan, educator, student or simply a fan of the music, the Network has something for you that will assist or enlighten. For jazz connoisseurs and the curious, this is the premier place to start. Check it out and be inspired to belong.

Open Mic

A page for players to share performances of Emily songs or tributes. Simply email your Youtube link or MP3 file to this link and it will be posted to share with our loyal listeners.
It doesn't have to be one of Emily's original compositions but please limit it to the songs and composers she recorded. Don't be shy, anything of or for Emily is the most honored she could be.

If you enjoy these or other artists found throughout the website, please stop by their links and tell them so. There's no finer compliment musicians can savor more than knowing someone listened.


Click the Playlist to choose from available videos.

Del Sasser ~ Sweet Georgie Fame

French Guitarist Jean-Christophe and his Double Take Jazz Duo bring warm smiles with this swinging Sam Jones composition from Emily's third album, Transitions. He's a fan and player of many Emily inspired tunes including Blues For Herb, Inception and the now included Sweet Georgie Fame, played to perfection. Check out their band channel on Youtube or Jean-Christophe's personal page to hear more. They're fabuleux!

The Red Blouse

Fredero, also of France offers a confident and splendid rendering of this lovey bossa original by Antonio Carlos Jobim. His seemingly effortless performance reflects countless hours honing his skill and gift. Merci beaucoup, Fredero.

The Red Blouse ~ Afro Blue

Michael Wilson is an old school player from Ypsilanti Michigan learning first by ear, then much later with formal lessons after encouragement by a fellow musician who also introduced him to Emily's sound at the same time. From there he has simply been on fire with his learning. Emily's rendition of Jobim's Red Blouse is his latest obsession. I can't help but smile when I hear someone playing an Emily influenced song because I know that her spirit is alive and well. * His second video was actually his first and the delight he displays in playing her arrangement of Santamaria's Afro Blue is irresistible and inspiring. For gear heads, his guitar is a Heritage Sweet 16, so appropriate for how this song is delivered. Play on Michael.

Joy Spring Head & Solo

Richie Bielak lends his silky style to Emily's arrangement of this Clifford Brown standard. Enjoy his smooth transitions around the fretboard. A transcription of the solo is available on the Guest Transcription page courtesy of Mario Abbagliati so between the two we have a great start for adding elements of this song to our repertoire. Watch and Learn.

The Red Blouse

This rendition of a Jobim tune colored with overtones of Emily's swinging version is courtesy of Guatemalan Allan Urbizo. Allan's goal is to also make a trek to Boston someday for further studies, in the meantime he is polishing his skills and passion for the piano between his other academic requirements. What draws him to Emily's sound... "her ability to transmit all her satisfaction for music, and how she enjoyed being a guitarist." Indeed, Emily did radiate a love for the songs she choose to play. It was easy to feel her enthusiasm, now enjoy his.

How Insensitive

Rumor was that the Mike Outram Quartet with Kate Williams had an entire show dedicated to Emily Remler music to celebrate the memory of her 50th birthday this year . Here is the first video to be smuggled out, an abbreviated performance of How Insensitive. Enjoy Mike's silky retouch of Emily's favorite Jobim song and hopefully one of many to come from this quartet based in London.


A fine finger style jazz guitar performance of a composition appropriately titled, Blues For Em by Felipe Rosenbaum of Chile. Felipe hopes to make his way to Berklee School of Music someday and I can't imagine a more fitting audition song to offer than a tribute to alumni Emily that contains all the elements she strove to make shine in her own playing and philosophies. Let's all wish him well on his journey but with such genuine ability and creativeness so apparent, success is already his.


Key Lime Pie

Rick Stone and his superb Jazzand Quartet serve up a delicious treat for Em's memory with this Latin infused original composition based on the rhythms from her album This Is Me. While Rick never got the chance to perform with her, he too is a graduate of Berklee and traveled in the same NYC circles back
in the day. He has remained an avid admirer of her work and it shows in this world class tribute. What's in the name.... look closely and you will find emiLy there. Lovely, vibrant song, fitting for the one it honors. YouTube Preview Image

Jazz guitarist/composer Kenny Wilson and bassist Ed McGlaughlin take us through a soothing daydream memory with this satiny guitar ballad to Emily. Hauntingly beautiful. Listen to more of his incredibly diverse compositions by clicking on the link below. Kenny Wilson @ Soundclick Artists.

Harvey Cedars gives us some traditional hardcore blues style dedications to Emily, including a new revamped version of "Emily By The Sea.
Press play to hear this master bluesman do his thing.
Check out more from the desertbluesman by visiting his SoundClick page.

OctoberQuetzel by October Browne
This freestyle guitarist started in London at age 11 and after moving to NY years later was able to take lessons from Emily as she continued to define her art.
Click Here for October's MySpace page where you can hear Quetzel, her composition for Emily. Miss Browne met Emily in New York City around 1980 when Em accompanied Astrud Gilberto's band. She had never witnessed a woman as featured guitarist before this encounter, she recalls being mesmerized with Emily's haunting, sensual playing of Jobim and it made a big impact on her own ideas to pursue the life of a guitarist.
KittelBlues for Herb performed by Jeremy Kittel Here's a lovely taste of something different, a violin rendition of Emily's composition for Herb Ellis, from the album, Jazz Violin. Click here for more information.


A click-able list of unique jazz sites found along the way that have heaps of great tips, tricks, learning material, sheet music, interviews, instructional dvd's, album reviews, gear critiques, guitar repair links and anything else you can think of.

An excellent resource for interviews, articles, lessons, reviews and so much more.

John Horne Guitar Studio

Rich and informative student resource site from dedicated Teacher/Musician/Performer John Horne

Jazz bassist extraordinaire, composer, writer, teacher, advocate, Kelly Roberti.

jazzguitar More lessons, articles and reviews.

A world of jazz knowledge at your fingertips.

jazz corner just jazz jazz times ~ Transcriptions and More from Teacher/Composer/Performer Andy Key

Jazz Guitar Online

Internet Radio broadcasts and Podcast sites.

There are many - here are a few of my favs click on the graphic to be linked.

Serious Jazz programing from NRP affiliate WFIU out of Indiana. Check out the archives and listen to the March show, Emily Remler: a Musical Remembrance.

Covering the eras of jazz--with special attention to recent recordings by both established artists and newcomers. Friday is usually "Vinyl Friday," which features memorable LPs.

The best extended excursions into Rock, Blues and Jazz.

No Idle Frets

A Nick Carver podcast that features only jazz guitar artists.

Ladyslipper Music

Ladyslipper Music. All women, all the time. Music performed by women, past and present. It streams very nicely to my iTunes or it has it's own media player. It features all genres, so don't expect jazz only, but it's still a great place when you're in a ladies only kind of mood.

Emily's  Inspiration

Flat Out

Single Plays

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Sherly Bailey ~ Bull's Eye